Glyph of Empowerment, for Healing!

Last week, I published a druid healing guide and solicited feedback from Reddit. One of the comments was this: Empowerment is only brought if you have power classes, the most important of those being weaver. For example, if you only have 1 holo in your sub, empowerment is not as important and another utility canContinue reading “Glyph of Empowerment, for Healing!”

Druid Healing Guide

Ever since the druid trait Gift of the Land was improved to affect 10 targets, druids have been the preferred healer for raids. Even without the healing, druid buff support is insane with 3 class-specific buffs (Spotter, Sun Spirit, Frost Spirit) plus the ability to stack 25 might on the full squad with perma-regen, perma-swiftness,Continue reading “Druid Healing Guide”