Tempest Healing Guide: Introduction to Auramancy

Druid has been the meta raid healer for a while now due to its strong heals and insane boon support. While druids remain nearly essential because of their might-stacking ability and large number of class-specific buffs, it’s not essential to have two. In fact, with recent nerfs to druid healing, the improved sustain that aContinue reading “Tempest Healing Guide: Introduction to Auramancy”

Glyph of Empowerment, for Healing!

Last week, I published a druid healing guide and solicited feedback from Reddit. One of the comments was this: Empowerment is only brought if you have power classes, the most important of those being weaver. For example, if you only have 1 holo in your sub, empowerment is not as important and another utility canContinue reading “Glyph of Empowerment, for Healing!”

Druid Healing Guide

Ever since the druid trait Gift of the Land was improved to affect 10 targets, druids have been the preferred healer for raids. Even without the healing, druid buff support is insane with 3 class-specific buffs (Spotter, Sun Spirit, Frost Spirit) plus the ability to stack 25 might on the full squad with perma-regen, perma-swiftness,Continue reading “Druid Healing Guide”

Druid Healing Nerfs! (May 8, 2018 Balance Patch)

Druid healing took a decent hit with this balance patch! Cosmic Ray: Reduced the healing of this skill by 30%. Seed of Life: Reduced the healing of this skill by 35%. Lunar Impact: The heal scaling of this skill is no longer split between game modes and will now use the lower 20% reduced healContinue reading “Druid Healing Nerfs! (May 8, 2018 Balance Patch)”

GW2 Raidar: How to Read the Logs

My guild is doing a lot of raiding these days, and with that has come a lot of log sharing and data analysis. It’s come to my attention, however, that many people aren’t exactly sure how to read and interpret the logs. You know what that means: time for a guide! First, though, a warning:Continue reading “GW2 Raidar: How to Read the Logs”

GW2 Raidar Registration & API Key Howto

GW2Raidar is a great tool for monitoring your squad’s raid performance, and I always like looking at statistics to determine how we’re progressing.¬† One of the cool things about Raidar is that it will pick up logs from others and automatically show them in your encounters–so there’s value in signing up even if you aren’tContinue reading “GW2 Raidar Registration & API Key Howto”

HoT/PoF Solo Hero Point Farm

Whew! I finally finished unlocking all 18 elite specializations from Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire. This wasn’t really ever a goal of mine until a couple weeks ago when I realized I only had a few left, and farming Hero Points has been a primary activity since then. Since I’ve been chasing allContinue reading “HoT/PoF Solo Hero Point Farm”

Condi Renegade

I’ve recently been playing catch-up on unlocking all elite specializations for all classes. Renegade is one I’ve been putting off because, well, I’m a really bad revenant in PVE. I die alot, I don’t like the class mechanics, and it’s just not fun. Since it was so un-fun, I decided to give renegade a shotContinue reading “Condi Renegade”