Hooray for the Legendary Armory!

Hey, all! It’s been a while since I’ve written anything, and I’m looking to be more active moving forward. I’m going to update more frequently about all the things I’m thinking about or working on, and I’ll start with what I’m most excited about: the legendary armory! Later in the week, I’ll present an off-metaContinue reading “Hooray for the Legendary Armory!”

Condi Renegade

I’ve recently been playing catch-up on unlocking all elite specializations for all classes. Renegade is one I’ve been putting off because, well, I’m a really bad revenant in PVE. I die alot, I don’t like the class mechanics, and it’s just not fun. Since it was so un-fun, I decided to give renegade a shotContinue reading “Condi Renegade”