Demolisher D/D Fresh Air Tempest

For the past couple seasons, and way back into HoT, I’ve enjoyed playing a bunker/support tempest focused on healing. Mender’s amulet with soldier runes has been perfectly viable, but I needed to switch it up a bit for the 2v2 mini-season. The group support and healing just wasn’t enough for those small-scale battles, and I needed something more offense-oriented.

I decided to try the Avatar amulet (POWER, PRECISION, vitality, healing) with Runes of Radiance for longer aura durations. I also dropped a shout skill in favor of Glyph of Storms for AOE pressure. The last change was to drop the earth trait-line in favor of air for increased ferocity, damage bonuses, and most importantly Fresh Air.

I didn’t get to play a ton because of limited time in my personal life, but it performed admirably–and most importantly, it was a ton of fun.

Now a new 5v5 season is upon us, and I was interested to see how Avatar/Radiance would perform. After just a handful of matches, it’s fun but feels underwhelming. Healing nerfs plus the reduced healing power of Avatar vs Mender doesn’t provide enough support, and the reduced firepower of the hybrid build doesn’t bring enough oomph to turn the tides offensively. More adjustments are clearly needed.

The strengths of the build are the mobility of d/d ele plus sustain and group support from tempest. Overload Air brings good pressure to a team fight, and team healing is frequent but light. For this next iteration, I’m going to lean even farther toward offense by switching to the Demolisher amulet (POWER, PRECISION, ferocity, toughness). I’m hoping that the added ferocity will give some extra punch. I’m also swapping in Runes of Sanctuary to make up for the loss of healing power in my self-sustain, and with that, also taking Signet of Restoration to ensure a constant flow of barrier. I also felt that Glyph of Storms was underperforming mostly because of the 60-second cooldown, so I’ve swapped it out for Armor of Earth.

I’ve only done a couple matches with the current iteration of the build, but it’s feeling pretty strong so far. I’m thinking of changing the Cleansing Wave trait to Soothing Disruption to reduce cooldown on cantrips instead of a group condi cleanse when attuning to water. I’m also considering Cleansing Wave or Arcane Power instead of Armor of Earth.


Link to build

  • Demolisher Amulet
  • Runes of Sanctuary
  • Sigils of Cleansing & Energy


  • Dagger weapon skills and Lightning Flash for mobility
    • Dagger 4 in air is a long dash
    • Dagger 3 in fire & earth are leaps
  • Armor of Earth, Lightning Flash, and overloads to break cc
  • Overload Air as much as possible for offensive pressure
    • After Overload Air, swap to earth or fire to get a quick crit, then back to air
  • Water attunement for healing/sustain
    • Dagger 5 is heal plus condi cleanse
    • Dagger 4 (Frost Aura) heals because of Elemental Bastion
    • Dagger 4 (Transmute Frost) for group heal/regen
      • Active whenever you have Frost Aura
      • Sources of Frost Aura: weapon skill, “Flash-Freeze!”, Overload Water, “Rebound!”, Soothing Ice (water trait), Elemental Bastion (tempest trait)
    • Dagger 2 is frontal-cone heal
    • Overload Water is big AOE heal plus grants Frost Aura
  • For more condi cleanse, take Cleansing Water and Invigorating Torrents
    • All auras will remove condis from you
    • Transmute Frost for group condi cleanse

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