Hooray for the Legendary Armory!

Hey, all! It’s been a while since I’ve written anything, and I’m looking to be more active moving forward. I’m going to update more frequently about all the things I’m thinking about or working on, and I’ll start with what I’m most excited about: the legendary armory! Later in the week, I’ll present an off-meta Tempest PVP build I’ve been enjoying and recap my team’s raid night.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted Anet to roll out build templates, and ever since they rolled out build templates, I’ve been bummed about how they work with legendary armor. At a glance, it seems perfect: two or more templates with two or more stat/rune combinations using the same set of armor. The problem comes when you want to use that gear on a different character.

Build templates “hide” equipment from your inventory when it’s a part of any template. Consequently, in order to swap legendary equipment to another toon, you need to remove it from all templates. If you’re using legendary armor for multiple templates, it’s such a pain because you basically detroy those templates in order to unequip armor to trade between characters. I’ve found myself farming additional sets of armor to avoid swapping legendary armor, which negates a lot of the benefit I was hoping to get by crafting the legendary armor in the first place!

The thing I really wanted–but didn’t think Anet would ever give us–is the ability to use the same set of legendary armor across all characters without having to do the whole inventory shuffle.

I still can’t believe it, but Anet is giving us the exact thing I hoped for. The legendary armory works like this: when you account-bind a legendary item, it goes into your legendary armory where it can be used across all characters without swapping gear. I AM THRILLED. I’m currently working on my third set of legendary armor while also finishing up on Vision and Coalescence, and I’m already thinking ahead to the new legendary PVP & WVW trinkets!

Oh, and speaking of those new legendary trinkets, I’m super excited about those, too! I was looking at requirements for Transcendence (PVP amulet) and feeling a little bummed that I’d have to start farming tournaments to collect 20 wins, but then I discovered that both trinkets have a tier-1 and tier-2. T1 doesn’t require any tournament wins, and T2 is just for the visual effects. I didn’t do the same sort of analysis on WVW, but I assume it’s a similar situation. I’ll probably still shoot for the tournament wins, but I’m pretty jazzed that I can get the legendary amulet without ’em.

What do you think of the legendary armory? What new features or announcements are you most excited about?

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