Druid Raid Guide: Samarog

The goal of this guide is to provide a synopsis of my recommended builds and strategies with an emphasis on group support, not DPS. An in-depth explanation of the fight and its mechanics can be found here.

Samarog is a simple fight as long as your squad understands mechanics and has enough CC & DPS. Druid really shines on this fight because of its vast arsenal of CC abilities and other skills.

The most common reasons for failure are insufficient CC during Samarog’s Brutalize attack and poor control during Rigon and Guldhem phases.

Role: Healer

Weapons/Skills Traits Pets
  • Axe 
  • Warhorn 
  • Longbow 
skirmishing 1-1-3, nature magic 2-3-1, druid 2-2-1
Electric Wyvern CC
Rock Gazelle CC
Pink Moa CC and passive heals
Jacaranda Immobilize
Fanged Iboga DPS and CC
  • Glyph of Rejvenation 
  • Frost Spirit 
  • Sun Spirit 
  • Glyph of Tides 
  • Entagle 
Don’t get hit by boss mechanics (stay behind; jump over or dodge through ripples)
Find friend during Inevitable Betrayal
CC during Brutalize: both pet abilites, CA 5, CA 3, longbow 4, and axe 3; save Glyph of Tides and Entangle for Rigom and Guldhem phases
Use knockbacks (longbow 4, Glyph of Tides) to keep Rigom inside Samarog’s shield
Use immobilizes (Entangle, CA 5) to keep Rigom immobilized
Stack might
For more CC, bring  Storm Spirit instead of  Sun Spirit, and use  Call Lightning during Brutalize
For more immobilize, bring  Stone Spirit instead of  Sun Spirit, and use  Quicksand near Rigom and Guldhem

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