Glyph of Empowerment, for Healing!

Last week, I published a druid healing guide and solicited feedback from Reddit. One of the comments was this:

Empowerment is only brought if you have power classes, the most important of those being weaver. For example, if you only have 1 holo in your sub, empowerment is not as important and another utility can be brought for mechanics or whatever.

I disagree with this point. Using Glyph of Empowerment offensively might only be relevant for power classes, but the healing output it provides when used while in Celestial Avatar form is substantial. I find the skill is rarely not useful since you can use it for a) power DPS boost, b) healing increase, and/or c) small heals & condi cleanse when traited.

In the past, I’ve mostly only used it off-cooldown while not in CA. With the recent balance patch nerfs to druid healing, though, I’ve been using it more in situations that require fast, powerful heals. Gorseval’s tantrum is a good example; CA → Glyph of Empowerment → Rejuvenating Tides was enough to keep everybody pretty well topped off. Timing it with Quick Draw allows for an extended duration of potent heals with the Rejuvenating Tides/Lunar Impact/Rejuvenating Tides (4-3-4) combo.

In addition to using it when you enter CA, you can also use it just before exiting CA. This allows you to improve regens applied by warhorn #5 or quick burst healing with staff #3 or staff #5→#3 combo.

If you don’t need that extra healing, sure–use it off-cooldown out of CA or bring something else that’s more useful, but don’t forget about this incredible skill as part of your healing toolkit!

Published by Adam Prescott

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