GW2 Raidar Registration & API Key Howto

GW2Raidar is a great tool for monitoring your squad’s raid performance, and I always like looking at statistics to determine how we’re progressing.  One of the cool things about Raidar is that it will pick up logs from others and automatically show them in your encounters–so there’s value in signing up even if you aren’t uploading logs yourself.

Registration is pretty straightforward, but you do need to provide a GW2 API key for your account. This is short guide for how to create the key and use it during registration with GW2Raidar.

Generate the API Key

  1. Browse to
  2. Login using your GW2/ArenaNet credentials
  3. Click “New Key”
  4. Enter a name and click Create API Key
    1. Name must include the phrase “GW2RAIDAR”
    2. Only the “account” permission is required
  5. Copy the new API key to your clipboard

Now you can use the key to register with GW2Raidar

  1. Browse to
  2. Paste the API key from your clipboard

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