HoT/PoF Solo Hero Point Farm

Whew! I finally finished unlocking all 18 elite specializations from Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire. This wasn’t really ever a goal of mine until a couple weeks ago when I realized I only had a few left, and farming Hero Points has been a primary activity since then. Since I’ve been chasing all those HPs, I’ve become quite proficient, and most of this work has been done solo.

The fastest way to get all these HPs, particularly on the HoT maps, is to find an HP train. Sometimes there isn’t a train, though, and you still want to make some progress: this guide is for you. This guide focuses on the four maps from HoT and five maps from PoF. Fully unlocking an elite specialization requires 250 hero points i.e. 25 Hero Points. There are 52 soloable points to go after below–enough to fully unlock both elite specializations without ever requiring a group!

Dulfy has great guides for all HoT map hero points. I’ll just reference those instead of rewriting a worse version. I use the term “questionably-soloable” for HPs that I was able to solo with some classes but not others. If you’ve got good survivability and high DPS, you might be fine, but proceed with caution.

The “solo total” shown next to each map title is a running total of the soloable HPs covered map-by-map in the list. In other words, you can fully unlock all elite specializations without doing any of the more difficult/group HPs. Note that questionably-soloable HPs are not included in this running total, so you can skip those and still unlock everything.

Verdant Brink (Dulfy Guide) – 11 HPs (solo total: 7)

  • 7 soloable
  • 2 questionably-soloable: Nightthistle Blossom (#2) and Security Console/Golem (#10)

Auric Basin (Dulfy Guide) – 11 HPs (solo total: 11)

  • 4 soloable
  • 3 questionably-soloable: Golem (#4), Mordrem Flower (#7), and Trespassers (#8)

Tangled Depths (Dulfy Guide) – 11 HPs (solo total: 16)

  • 5 soloable
  • 4 questionably-soloable: Troll (#1), Nightthistle Bloom (#4), Spider Eggs (#7), Inquisitor’s Campsite/Frog (#8)

Dragon’s Stand (Dulfy Guide) – 7 HPs (solo total: 23)

  • 7 soloable but 4 require a successful meta event
  • Tangent: You can do 100% map completion during a single meta event. Pick a lane, get all POIs & vistas. Once commanders are down, get the three blighting tower HPs (while rest of map is fighting Mordremoth). Join the rest of the map in killing Mordremoth. Get your reward and the vista & HP near the reward chest, then circle back to get the other HPs and any remaining vistas & POIs.

Crystal Oasis – 5 HPs, all soloable (solo total: 28)

  1. Veteran Confessor Opeyemi (moderate) – Kite the boss and don’t stand in bad stuff.
  2. Abandoned Forged Ore (moderate) – Avoid projectiles by dodging, absorbing, or reflecting.
  3. Veteran Magic-Muddled Djinn (easy) – The djinn’s not so bad, but watch out for nearby roaming hydras.
  4. Unearthed Ruins (easy) – There’s a veteran mob protecting the HP. It’s not too difficult, but it can also be avoided. → Good opportunity to pop into Desert Highlands to unlock the map & waypoint on your way to #5.
  5. Branded Pyramid (easy) – There’s a narrow path inside the pyramid that leads up to the HP.

Desert Highlands – 7 HPs, all soloable (solo total: 35)

  1. Glint’s Lair (easy) – There’s a veteran spark, but it’s easy to kill.
  2. Branded Crystal (difficult) – This one’s annoying because if you get knocked off, you stay in combat and can’t get back up. Time your dodges, use aegis/stability, or find some friends.
  3. Eternal Fire (easy) – You need certain mounts to get up there, but it’s just a point you commune with.
  4. Glowing Campfire (easy) – Protected by a veteran worm and its friends.
  5. Veteran Yandra Stonetusk (easy) – Kill pets and kite.
  6. Veteran Jubua the Wildfire (moderate) – Keep ranged and dodge attacks. Destroying the break bar helps, if you’ve got the cc for it.
  7. Dusty Bones (easy) – Spawns a veteran dust elemental. Stay ranged to avoid blinds and dodge its whirlwind attacks.

Elon Riverlands – 8 HPs, all soloable (solo total: 43)

  1. Branded Relic (easy) – Similar to the Magic-Muddled Djinn in Crystal Oasis, it’s easy but keep an eye out for wandering hydras in the area.
  2. Forgotten Shrine (easy) – Guarded by a veteran djinn and assorted branded mobs.
  3. General’s Grave (moderate) – Spawns a veteran Awakened mob. Keep some distance and avoid its big area-effect attacks.
  4. Veteran Trunt (moderate) – Hard-hitting stuns and knockdown attacks. Dodge, aegis, and stability help.
  5. Fresh Meat (moderate) – Spawns a veteran sand lion with two friends. Watch out for other sand lions in the area. You’ll want to keep your distance as their attacks will blind and cc you.
  6. Lohrashi the Mournful (difficult) – An elementalist that casts a lot of lava fonts, he’s given me trouble with a few different characters. I’m not sure what the secret is here, you just need to avoid his attacks and burst him down. Consider bringing an extra sustain ability–or a couple friends.
  7. Throne of Pellentia (easy) – Clear the giant wurms that chucks rocks at you (or use aegis or stability) then commune with the point.
  8. Fallen Giant (moderate) – Lots of harpies in the area can overwhelm you if you get too much. Move slowly so you don’t get too much, and it’s usually okay.

The Desolation – 6 HPs, all soloable (solo total: 49)

  1. Broken Egg (moderate) – Spawns a veteran harpy and 3 other harpies. DPS the non-veterans down quickly, as they don’t have much health but hit hard with ranged attacks.
  2. The Mouth of Torment (difficult) – Small groups with veteran trash mixed in. Choose your path carefully as you make your way to the center to commune.
  3. Awakened Wanderer (moderate) – Try to keep away and avoid his frontal-cone attacks.
  4. Gnarled Tree (difficult) – A big jacaranda that heals itself. Be sure to clear trash in the area before starting the fight.
  5. The Bone Palace (easy) – Use your springer mount to jump up to the bridges that lead you to the Hero Point up above. Be careful about walking in the front door which can trigger an event.
  6. Shanna the Valorous (moderate) – A ghost with cc stun attacks. Dodge and kite.

Domain of Vabbi – 3 HPs, all soloable but difficult (solo total: 52)

These three hero points are all more challenging than others in the PoF maps. They’re soloable but can be tricky, especially if you’re running a squishy build. If you give one a few tries and don’t feel like you’re close to getting it, it’s probably best to recruit a friend or two in map chat.

  1. Hunter Glorg (difficult) – Kill a branded mob.
  2. Master Utku (difficult) – Three veteran mobs that attack all at once. It’s best to use abilities to group them, then hit them with a bursty cleave.
  3. Mother Tharwa (difficult) – You need to kill 5 veteran mobs.

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