WvW Enrichments

I finally got my first ever precursor drop: Howl. I’d been thinking about investing time into crafting a legendary, and Howler was already on my short list, so timing was perfect. One of the required materials is a Gift of Battle, which is only obtainable through WvW.

World vs World is the game mode I’ve spent the least amount of time in and, subsequently, know the least about. I’ve dabbled here and there, but it’s never really “stuck” with me. But here I am, forced to grind out a reward track in order to get my Gift of Battle. (Tangent: it’s not a total bummer; I’ve been meaning to give WvW another shot anyway, now that I’m in an active guild with some level of organization and participation.)

As I was starting my Gift of Battle farm, I learned that WvW offers two enrichments available from the laurel vendor: one to increase reward track progress by 5% and one to increase WvW XP gains by 10%. They’re pretty cheap, too, at just 5 laurels and 125 badges of honor.

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