Condi Renegade

I’ve recently been playing catch-up on unlocking all elite specializations for all classes. Renegade is one I’ve been putting off because, well, I’m a really bad revenant in PVE. I die alot, I don’t like the class mechanics, and it’s just not fun. Since it was so un-fun, I decided to give renegade a shot even though it was only half unlocked.

So, even though I had 0 trait choice because I had only unlocked 1 choice for each tier, and even though I only had the heal and one utility skill for renegade stance, it was a lot of fun–probably the most fun I’ve ever had with revenant in PVE. Since then, I’ve gone on to fully unlock the specialization and enjoyed all of it.

Inspired by the fun, I thought I’d do a little build-crafting. First, a disclaimer: I haven’t really been into theorycrafting in the past. I usually just start with a current meta build and tweak a trait here & there until I find something that’s fun and fits my playstyle. In other words, this build’s probably not going to win any awards, but I came up with it on my own and it’s fun to play.

Here’s a link to the build.

As I looked through the different trait lines, I noticed a few synergies that I wanted to try to capitalize on. The first two were fury and bleed damage. In the Renegade trait line, Blood Fury means fury increases bleeding duration and applies Kalla’s Fervor–stacking increase in ferocity and condition damage–so it’s clear that we want to apply a lot of fury to ourselves. The minor trait Endless Enmity gives us free fury whenever we crit a foe below the threshold of 50%. Next, I chose Heartpiercer to increase bleeding damage by 25% and make shortbow skills piercing. The next minor trait, Brutal Momentum, gives us vigor when we gain fury and 33% crit chance when we’re at full endurance. And, finally, I took Lasting Legacy to make Kalla’s Fervor stronger & longer.

For the second trait line, I chose Corruption. The first minor trait, Rampant Vex, gives a 33% chance to apply torment on critical hit. Because there’s so much emphasis on fury and crits already, this is a great way to get more passive condi damage. Next up, Venom Enhancement applies poison whenever you inflict torment–so now we have passive application of both torment and poison. Abyssal Chill applies torment (and subsequently, poison) whenever you inflict chill. This is great because it enhances Unyielding Anguish, changing it from an area chill to a targeted damage ability. Axe #4 also gains damage because it has the chill effect, too. The third minor trait, Yearning Empowerment, increases duration and damage of torment, which is clearly awesome since we’ve been talking so much about torment. The final major trait is Diabolic Inferno, which applies 2 stacks of burning when using an elite. Pulsating Pestilence also seems like a valid choice for multiple targets, like a mini-Epidemic.

Corruption was an easy choice because of all the condi damage, but the third line was a little trickier. I decided to use Invocation mostly for the synergy with fury, which we’re already focused on in the Renegade line. The first minor trait in Invocation, Invoker’s Rage, gives us fury whenever we invoke a legend. More free fury? I’ll take it. Fierce Infusion is yet another source of fury. Ferocious Aggression increases damage (and condition damage) by 7% while under the effect of fury. Incensed Response gives 5 stacks of might when you grant yourself fury. The last major trait was a tricky choice; Song of the Mists provides more condi damage when switching between legends whereas Roiling Mists doubles the effectiveness of fury, granting 40% crit chance instead of 20%. Song of the Mists seems better for multiple targets and Roiling Mists for single target.

For weapon and armor stats, the choice seems obvious: vipers to increase condition damage and extend condition duration. I decided to use Renegade runes because this build generates a lot of ferocity due to Kalla’s Fervor plus will be critting nearly 100% of the time due to fury uptime, Brutal Momentum (33% when full endurance), and Roiling Mists (if traited, 100% crit while under effects of fury). I chose Sigil of Torment and Sigil of Venom  Sigil of Malice for mace/axe; Sigil of Torment will apply an AOE torment (and therefore, poison) every 5 seconds, and Sigil of Venom will extend the duration of all those big poison applications that we’re getting from the torments. On the shortbow, I chose Sigil of Agony to increase the duration of all the bleeds and Sigil of Smoldering to increase duration of burns from Citadel Bombardment, shortbow #4 & #5, and elite skills. (Edit: Venom Enhancement has an internal cooldown of 10 seconds, so the build doesn’t generate nearly as much poison as I was initially expecting. It does generate a ton of torment, though. Sigil of Malice is a better choice than Sigil of Venom to extend the duration of all that torment.)

I need to practice the DPS rotation, but these are key concepts:

  1. While wielding mace/axe: use mace #3, axe #4 & #5, and Unyielding Anguish (Legendary Demon) off cooldown to apply maximum stacks of torment and poison
  2. Weapon swap to shortbow before invoking Embrace the Darkness (Legendary Demon elite) to use its Sigil of Smoldering to increase duration of burning applied by Diabolic Inferno
  3. While wielding shorbow: use all skills, Citadel Bombardment, and Razorclaw’s Rage off cooldown; keep distance and kite where possible to make the torment really sting
  4. Cast Soulcleave’s Summit (Legendary Renegade elite) before weapon swapping back to mace/axe to again take advantage of Sigil of Smoldering to increase duration of burning applied by Diabolic Inferno

This build’s very much a work-in-progress, but I’m very excited about it and have been having a ton of fun tinkering with it. If you have suggestions for things to change or how to improve it, I’d love to hear!

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